Friday, March 22, 2013

The 3 weeks challenge - no phone in the company of others

Have this made you wonder “what do you miss out on because you are often not “present” as you focus on what your phone presents to you.

Most people seem completely addicted to their phones.

As soon as a plan touches down many simultaneous “ding dings” chime out demanding the attention of their owner.

Recently a friend of mine off air for two days with no email, phone, sms or internet, and when he was back, he had quite a back log of email and messages on his return mostly with response “Is something wrong with your phone” and that too when we announces this in advance that he is not able to response to any call or email or message for next two days.

People seem to have a high expectation that if they send a message, the response will be instantaneous. Even if we all noticed on a normal bus stop most of the people waiting were all inspecting their mobile phones – not even noticing the existence of the other human beings around them.

My question for the situations:-

Is all this immediate communication really giving us the opportunity to do good work?

How many emails or text messages are dashed off in haste only to be misunderstood or incomplete? Are we being truly present?

Okay I am taking a personal challenge for the next 3 weeks to not use a mobile device in the presence of others. And I wonder who I will get to meet and what conversations I will get to experience – and also the added upside of not sending off a one line response to someone without a considered response.

Let me slow things down – and not rush to everything, and I’m sure I will do better work as a result.

Who wants to play with me – the 3 weeks 'being present' day challenge? Let me know how you go.

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