Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Guardian Angles

They always keeping you out of troubl & protecting you at the cost of their lives, whatever wrong is done they always good to you.They make impossible happen for you, they are our guardian angles, our parents.
I always think my father is special but he never think so, that itself makes him special. My father is my Hero, though he led a very busy life, he was always there for his family. Not once we feel that he didn't give us enough time we challenged each other to the games of tennis and carrom. I wondered how he managed to be at so many places doing so many things? Super Human Quality.
On the other hand my Mom is a typical Housewife, her entire world revolve around all of us, she is one woman army at home. Bringing us isn't an easy job but she did it without complaints. She used to wake up us every morning and get us ready for school which include Ironing our clothes, putting on our socks and tying our shoelaces, cooking lunch, washing our dirty clother and sitting with us when we are back. How could she do all these things with other household work? Again Super Human Quality.
Our parents inherit super human qualities when it comes to their children. They put everything to put smile on our forces without ever letting us know the hardship they go through or scarifices they make.

Mummy and Papa - Love you more than my life-You are everything to me.

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