Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Psychology of Lies and Liars‏

Very few people are skilled at covering lies, either they have an extensive knowledge about human behavior or they are psycho killers. This post is written keeping in mind, that neither of you fall in one of those categories.

"I have read the terms & conditions & I agree to them."

Everyone lies. You do, your friends do, your parents do, if there was a God, I'm sure he'd tick the terms and conditions box without actually reading them. Of course, there's a certain psychology involved behind that.

There are lies that 93% of the population says at some point or the other and make very similar gestures to give away the fact that they're lying.

One of the most common lies being, "No mom, everyone got horrible marks on the test." When in reality, you know that you're the only whose flunk the test in the whole class, your mom knows that too. In fact she said a similar lie to her mom at some point yet nothing happens to you and you get away with it.

But this is a lie which we are actually nervous of while telling it. So the sentence is usually accompanied by your hand being raised to a part of your face. Either to scratch your nose rubs your ear, touch a part of the forehead or something along those lines. Why do we this movement? Simply because when we lie, there's this awkward silence when no one is saying a word. We feel that silence because we are the ones who are lying and are nervous, however, the person we are lying to will NOT feel that silence most of the times, unless we shows signs of nervousness by doing one of the actions mentioned above. 

If however a lie is of bigger proportions, like telling your boyfriend or girlfriend that you haven't cheated on them when in reality you have, the rubbing of the nose, ear or forehead will also be accompanied by swallowing of your own spit. So if you want to catch someone while doing this, look at their throat and see if it moves
There will be times when you're telling a serious lie, could be anything and to anyone, to a friend or family, you'll notice your breathing rate increases and when that happens obviously your chest begins to heave. If you think someone's lying to you, this could be another way to figure out. Just stare at their chests, and risk being considered as a creep. 

These are some of the basic behavioral changes that occur when someone is lying, and by reading this post, you can sort of begin to make sense of how easy, we as human beings can be to read. So what should you do to control it? Simple, NEVER bring your hand to your face while lying, try to breath as less as possible, try to be drinking water or something else which is non alcoholic while telling the lie so that the swallowing motion is covered.
Also, just so you know, the people who lie the best are the ones who continue talking non stop. And can tell a tail as it happened and can also recollect the events that supposedly occurred in reverse order. Every liar practices a story; no one practices it in reverse.
And yes, I HAVE read the terms & conditions once in my life, just so you know, they're utterly pointless.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mountain Railways of India -- World Heritage Site -- National Geographic

Mountain Railways of India -- World Heritage Site -- National Geographic

I have posted the above link of Mountain Railways of India - World Heritage Site directly from the website of National Geographic, feel proud that we have develop it century ago and such a thing mentioned on website of well know National Geographic but so feel sad about the condition of these trains, not able to comment on The Nilgiri line and The small-gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Railway as have not seen it yet but The narrow-gauge Kalka Shimla Railway is not working what I remember when had a visit of Himachal last year.

As all above are world heritage site - we request our government to make sure they are well maintained and well working.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ranikhet :- Hidden Jewels of Himalayas

Some of the key symptoms of being bitten by the travel bug are easily identifiable, you start thinking of hills, towering trees (actually whatever fascinates you). One of that bug bitten our whole team and we started making planes for different destination lots of suggestions came but finally we all settled for one of hidden Jewels of Himalayas, unexplored “Ranikhet”.

All preparations done, date got decided and on September 14, 2012 at 6:30 pm we started from our office with rain and traffic jam it took almost 3 hours for us to reach Ghaziabad, but as I mentioned we are going to explorer hidden jewels of Himalayas, our journey has a lot hidden for us, as soon as we reached Ghaziabad we come to know about the blockage of route due to riots at village near Ghaziabad, result in route change for us, now have to go via Meerut. We had dinner at Dhaba “Shiva Bhojnalya” near Morta the most pathetic food we ate.

With almost half empted stomach we started our journey only to know that Meerut is waiting for us with another hidden thing “tyre defused’ change of tyre and repair of defused took almost 2 hours and by the time it 2 am in night we have completed only 65 kms out of our 350 kms. 

Our journey started from NH121 to Ranikhet via Moradabad, Rampur, and Kashipur and due to bad weather and Road we have to take the route which takes us via Corbett Park, the park is located on one side of NH121 and other side is human habitat, we show lots of birds and animals including Chital and one human tiger in white shirt as told by our Bus Driver. 
At Corbett Park on way to Ranikhet

After a journey of almost 16 and ½ hours we reached Ranikhet the beauty, the weather all is amazing and on the top of that our Hotel Parvati Inn with its mountain range view Rooms are making the experience un explainable.

Ranikhet is extremely appealing to any nature lover, the scenic beauty binds you. It still remains an Army Cantt area with Koumaun Regiment’s camp are there. There is nothing much to do in Ranikhet and that’s what you enjoy. There are some nice trails around the resort and went deep in the forests. We were told by some of the locals that seeing a leopard is a common sight, but we are more interested in Jism 4 Staring Akash, so Leopard has better luck next time. 

Breaking:- New Poster of Jism 4

We all went to Koumaun Regiment’s museum the first of its kind in whole India with many first against his name; Jhoola Devi Mandir has its 700 years old story. The most amazing thing about this place is its natural beauty. 

At Jhula Devi Mandi

We partied till late night in our hotel room and terrace of hotel, I missed as I slept earlier, but I wake up early and see the most amazing view of mountain, me with Nilakantha and Jagdish went for morning, had a cup of tea and wow! That’s what we can say.



Something Lost is found between Two

Now its time to say good bye to Ranikhet, we boarded our bus but we are know utilizing our time take a route which covers Bhimtal famous for its lake, it is believed The Pandavas spent their time during exile. We stayed for 5-10 mins there before started for Delhi, after crossing Khatgodam we are back to plan from the laps of mountains alas! Like we started with most pathetic food we end up having our lunch in one of the most pathetic restaurant Floura, now all are tired but enjoying every bit of tiredness as this is the memorable trip for all of us which is somehow the last as well for most of us as soon as we reached NCR its time to say bye to one by one.

11 Murti

We are now back from our most memorable journey of all time we all wants to thanks Mr. Nilakantha Mohanty for making this amazing and memorable journey and togetherness possible for us. Thanks a lot.

Nilakantha Mohanty

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can we truly say that we are not corrupt?

Corruption is the bad word and we support all means possible to end it, most of us almost criticized our government every day we also supported different anti- corruption movements through blogs, tweets, facebook and few of us also attended rallies. 

But after a brief thinking on the issue I have some questions in my mind, can we truly say that we are not corrupt? Can anyone of us say we have not done at least one of the things to get our way?

1.       Jumping Traffic Lights – You did not see the light changing and when the cop catches you have endless excuses, but it will leave you with options. You can pay the fine, get your license confiscated, go to court next day and get it released right? Alternatively, give him hundred rupees and are set free. After all you do not have time next day, you life is already busy. What will you do?

2.       School Admission: - Giving the best education to your child is something you feel you have to do. But the most prestigious schools will not let your child in if a certain fee is not paid. It could be called a deposit, a security, or a miscellaneous expenditure. The truth is you are not going to see it again and your kid won’t get in without it. “What do you do?” Yes, it is still a bribe. Is corruption then justified?

5.       IT returns: - Run to the IT consultant, pay imaginary rent, claim rewards (drivers are such a help in every sense) avoid the Tax to the maximum possible extent. Hey, you are still paying tax, so why so serious? In other cases, spend a little on the people who will help clear the fake IT bills. Does a justification that it’s all going into the politician’s pockets make it still ok?

6.       Cooking Gas: - Just get holds of the friendly cylinder delivery boy give him a little “Bakshish.” Just get this done quickly, it is all right. After all, it’s not your fault that you did not know both your cylinders had finished. Right?

7.       The DVD Walla: - It’s absolutely all right to buy the pirated DVD, which you are dying to see, or to download from free U-torrents. What the heck, everyone does it? The movie guys make a lot of money anyways right?

8.       Buying Property: - Reason it out. As such, the property costs are so high, pay a little “black” money, and pay lesser in registration, stamp duty and all the other things that can save you just enough to buy that new stove you need in your kitchen. Your builder is actually doing you a favour, isn’t he? But “What do you do?”

Morality is a choice we make every day. Can we still stand and say we are not corrupt?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to choose your mobile

Hello to all dear friends after a gap of almost two years getting usual to blogging will take some time but here is my second blog in one day obviously prepared almost 10 days back.
The way we buy mobile phones, and indeed most things, has changed in the last few years.
Nowadays, you can simply enter a phone model’s name in a gadget website and make your purchase decision based on the reviews. Some of us don’t even bother going to the store anymore, as online shopping sites may offer better deals.

The mobile phone is a sophisticated piece of hardware, so it makes sense to seek the opinion of an expert before deciding on a purchase. But there are certain factors that make you a better judge than an “expert” reviewer.

For instance, will the device feel comfortable in your hands? Can you use the on-screen keyboard while holding the phone in the same hand? How easy, or complicated, is the phone’s navigation or menu? Will the phone fit into your pocket? Only you can answer these questions after holding and using the device.
For this, you generally have to go to a store. Here are a few basic tests you should perform when you get to the store to evaluate any device,

Launch the text messaging application and write a sentence like “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” to check your fingers can handle the touch-screen keyboard. You should try this in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Next, launch the camera application and take a few sample shots. Check the picture quality of course, but also see if there’s any lag between you hitting the shutter button and the actual capture. The camera is likely to be one of the most used applications on your mobile phone, and it’s frustrating to miss photographing a “golden moment” because it’s too slow.

Do a couple of common tasks to test the phone’s navigation. You can change the wallpaper, set a different ringtone, adjust the brightness, and so on. Launch the default web browser, reset the settings and then go to a couple of your favorite websites. Do they render properly? You could also consider using the Google Maps application to determine how quickly the phone’s GPS can pinpoint your location (it may not be a very accurate test though while you are inside the building).

Most of the latest phones have gorgeous big screens, but remember that the larger the display, the faster it will drain your battery.

Another important question is whether the number of apps available for a mobile platform is a factor in deciding your purchase? If you are an enthusiast or a power-user who likes to try every available new app and game, the answer is probably yes, for the rest of us, not so much. I have been using both Window and Blackberry devices for some time and though I install new apps quite often, the ones I use frequently are probably available across all mobile platforms.

Have a happy taking, sharing, chatting what it is you enjoyed on your mobile....

Bye for now!

A week without Gmail

I have never been away from my Gmail mailbox for so long.

No, I haven’t taken extended absences; it’s just that I am now using the new service as my primary email client. The incoming emails are still handled by Gmail as before, but I can easily read and reply to these messages inside Outlook without ever logging into Gmail.
 ‪​‪ made a good first impression when it was unveiled last month and after using the email service exclusively (and heavily) for about 10 days now, it can be said that Microsoft’s revamped Hotmail service does prove the initial impressions right.

‪​‪There are quite a few factors – like the minimalist design that resembles a desktop app, the use of big fonts in message views and menus, more user-friendly keyboard shortcuts – that make Outlook quite a pleasure to use. ‪‪ then there are several unique features in Outlook that are missing in Gmail.

‪​‪For instance, when you are composing a new message, the profile pictures of your contacts are visible in the drop downs, making it easier for you to visually pick the right address. Microsoft promises to add more gigabytes should your Outlook mailbox run out of space, but there’s a handy “sort by size” feature available to quickly discover the space hogging emails. If you are sending an email with a large attachment that exceeds the allowed size limit (25 MB), Outlook will automatically route it via SkyDrive.

‪​‪You can also connect Outlook to your Facebook account and the built-in messaging client can then be used for Facebook Chat. Similarly, if you connect Outlook to LinkedIn, all your LinkedIn contacts will be automatically imported into your address book (though you can’t export this data out of Outlook).
‪​‪In the last 10 days of active use, I never really felt a need to go back to Gmail anytime, but I do miss a couple of things in Outlook. There’s no offline support and you to have to be connected to search or reply to messages. Categories in Outlook are similar to labels in Gmail but they aren’t color coded. Outlook doesn’t support IMAP at this time, so you can’t sync your web inbox with any of desktop email clients.
Google’s two step verification is a big relief because unauthorized users won’t be able to get into your account even if they are aware of your Gmail username and password. That layer of security is currently absent in Outlook, though you do have an option to set one-time passwords for logging into Outlook from public computers.
I am also not too sure if it is possible to use as the default email provider for your web domain as is available in the free edition of Google Apps.

Despite some of these limitations, is a solid contender to Gmail and the upcoming integration with Skype will make this service even more interesting.

Happy emailing.


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