Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ranikhet :- Hidden Jewels of Himalayas

Some of the key symptoms of being bitten by the travel bug are easily identifiable, you start thinking of hills, towering trees (actually whatever fascinates you). One of that bug bitten our whole team and we started making planes for different destination lots of suggestions came but finally we all settled for one of hidden Jewels of Himalayas, unexplored “Ranikhet”.

All preparations done, date got decided and on September 14, 2012 at 6:30 pm we started from our office with rain and traffic jam it took almost 3 hours for us to reach Ghaziabad, but as I mentioned we are going to explorer hidden jewels of Himalayas, our journey has a lot hidden for us, as soon as we reached Ghaziabad we come to know about the blockage of route due to riots at village near Ghaziabad, result in route change for us, now have to go via Meerut. We had dinner at Dhaba “Shiva Bhojnalya” near Morta the most pathetic food we ate.

With almost half empted stomach we started our journey only to know that Meerut is waiting for us with another hidden thing “tyre defused’ change of tyre and repair of defused took almost 2 hours and by the time it 2 am in night we have completed only 65 kms out of our 350 kms. 

Our journey started from NH121 to Ranikhet via Moradabad, Rampur, and Kashipur and due to bad weather and Road we have to take the route which takes us via Corbett Park, the park is located on one side of NH121 and other side is human habitat, we show lots of birds and animals including Chital and one human tiger in white shirt as told by our Bus Driver. 
At Corbett Park on way to Ranikhet

After a journey of almost 16 and ½ hours we reached Ranikhet the beauty, the weather all is amazing and on the top of that our Hotel Parvati Inn with its mountain range view Rooms are making the experience un explainable.

Ranikhet is extremely appealing to any nature lover, the scenic beauty binds you. It still remains an Army Cantt area with Koumaun Regiment’s camp are there. There is nothing much to do in Ranikhet and that’s what you enjoy. There are some nice trails around the resort and went deep in the forests. We were told by some of the locals that seeing a leopard is a common sight, but we are more interested in Jism 4 Staring Akash, so Leopard has better luck next time. 

Breaking:- New Poster of Jism 4

We all went to Koumaun Regiment’s museum the first of its kind in whole India with many first against his name; Jhoola Devi Mandir has its 700 years old story. The most amazing thing about this place is its natural beauty. 

At Jhula Devi Mandi

We partied till late night in our hotel room and terrace of hotel, I missed as I slept earlier, but I wake up early and see the most amazing view of mountain, me with Nilakantha and Jagdish went for morning, had a cup of tea and wow! That’s what we can say.



Something Lost is found between Two

Now its time to say good bye to Ranikhet, we boarded our bus but we are know utilizing our time take a route which covers Bhimtal famous for its lake, it is believed The Pandavas spent their time during exile. We stayed for 5-10 mins there before started for Delhi, after crossing Khatgodam we are back to plan from the laps of mountains alas! Like we started with most pathetic food we end up having our lunch in one of the most pathetic restaurant Floura, now all are tired but enjoying every bit of tiredness as this is the memorable trip for all of us which is somehow the last as well for most of us as soon as we reached NCR its time to say bye to one by one.

11 Murti

We are now back from our most memorable journey of all time we all wants to thanks Mr. Nilakantha Mohanty for making this amazing and memorable journey and togetherness possible for us. Thanks a lot.

Nilakantha Mohanty

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