Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can we truly say that we are not corrupt?

Corruption is the bad word and we support all means possible to end it, most of us almost criticized our government every day we also supported different anti- corruption movements through blogs, tweets, facebook and few of us also attended rallies. 

But after a brief thinking on the issue I have some questions in my mind, can we truly say that we are not corrupt? Can anyone of us say we have not done at least one of the things to get our way?

1.       Jumping Traffic Lights – You did not see the light changing and when the cop catches you have endless excuses, but it will leave you with options. You can pay the fine, get your license confiscated, go to court next day and get it released right? Alternatively, give him hundred rupees and are set free. After all you do not have time next day, you life is already busy. What will you do?

2.       School Admission: - Giving the best education to your child is something you feel you have to do. But the most prestigious schools will not let your child in if a certain fee is not paid. It could be called a deposit, a security, or a miscellaneous expenditure. The truth is you are not going to see it again and your kid won’t get in without it. “What do you do?” Yes, it is still a bribe. Is corruption then justified?

5.       IT returns: - Run to the IT consultant, pay imaginary rent, claim rewards (drivers are such a help in every sense) avoid the Tax to the maximum possible extent. Hey, you are still paying tax, so why so serious? In other cases, spend a little on the people who will help clear the fake IT bills. Does a justification that it’s all going into the politician’s pockets make it still ok?

6.       Cooking Gas: - Just get holds of the friendly cylinder delivery boy give him a little “Bakshish.” Just get this done quickly, it is all right. After all, it’s not your fault that you did not know both your cylinders had finished. Right?

7.       The DVD Walla: - It’s absolutely all right to buy the pirated DVD, which you are dying to see, or to download from free U-torrents. What the heck, everyone does it? The movie guys make a lot of money anyways right?

8.       Buying Property: - Reason it out. As such, the property costs are so high, pay a little “black” money, and pay lesser in registration, stamp duty and all the other things that can save you just enough to buy that new stove you need in your kitchen. Your builder is actually doing you a favour, isn’t he? But “What do you do?”

Morality is a choice we make every day. Can we still stand and say we are not corrupt?

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